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9 months ago
US hotel chain offers discounts to families if they give up their phones

New Delhi: The dangers of the excessive use of mobile phones have come forth through numerous studies.

Despite being aware of the harmful effects, it is hard for many people to stay away from the slabs of metal.

However, in a step to raise awareness about the dangers of mobile phone use and to encourage technology detox on vacations, a hotel chain in the United States is offering additional discounts to families in exchange for locking away their phones.

It is believed that too much screen time often hinders quality family time. So to encourage healthy vacations, the hotel chain has come up with the scheme.

The Wyndham Grand hotels, hence, are offering five percent additional discount to guests for saying bye-bye to their phones during their stay. According to the US chain's website, the program is to 'stay 'connected' with our reconnected family program.'.

The guests will receive a box with a timer to lock away their phones which will only open once the timer expires.

The special offer is available from February 23 to September 3, based on the room's availability. So it might be the right time for a stay-cation at various locations in the US.

(With ANI inputs)

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