Truth Or Dare: The Sex Edition

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When it comes to great sex, novelty and spontaneity are clutch. But it can be intimidating to suggest something new and different—even if you totally trust your partner. Problem solved. This naughty twist on truth or dare gives you tons of ideas, all guaranteed to bring you closer to each other and to an orgasm. So cancel your plans—you’re gonna be busy for a while. 

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What’s one spot on your body that you want your partner to pay extra attention to?

Wish they would just find that your sweet spot on your neck already? This question gives you an easy way to explain what you want in bed without implying that their current moves are lame. You can even refer to these handy guides to the biggest erogenous zones on you and him

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Find a sex position you’ve never tried, and cross it off the list.

Bored with girl-on-top? Pick one of these 36 sex positions and ask if your partner is up for the challenge. Better yet, try one of these orgasm-friendly moves.  

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What’s your biggest sexual fantasy?

There’s a reason this is a truth and not a dare. “The idea is that it’s a fantasy—not reality,” says sex expert Ian Kerner, Ph.D., author of She Comes First. Translation: You don’t need to do it right away (or ever), but sharing something that really turns you on can bring you closer to your partner. 

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Make the bedroom totally off-limits.

Getting it on in the bathroom, living room, or stairwell probably isn’t the norm for you—which is exactly why it’s so hot. Plus, you’d be amazed what you can do with a strategically placed throw pillow. 

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Which celebrity would star in your ultimate threesome?  

Go ahead, divulge your A-list crushes and ask each other why you picked that person. Putting it in the context of a threesome should downplay any jealousy, says Kerner. Sure, they might just have a type, but it could also be that they love Jennifer Lawrence’s confidence or Rihanna’s badass attitude. And the next time you’re looking for a sexy confidence boost, you’ll know exactly who to channel. 

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Pick a prop that you and your partner can incorporate into sex.  

Maybe it’s an ice cube, a necktie, an old Halloween costume, or something edible—get creative. The key is finding something fun and coming up with a sexy new way to use it. Just be prepared to never look at that spatula the same way again.   

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In a perfect world, how often would you have sex?

Talking about your sexual preferences and desires is always good for your bond, says Kerner. And quizzing each other in a fun way like this will take some of the pressure off. Looking for more sex trivia? Ask about their favorite position, one place they want to have sex, their favorite foreplay move, etc. 

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Keep the lights on and your eyes open the whole time.  

We know it’s hard to get in the mood when your mind is totally fixed on your cellulite, but getting busy with the lights on shows major confidence. And staying engaged with your eyes open can really keep you in the moment. “Holding each other’s gaze has some big intimacy benefits,” says Kerner. 

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What’s one thing your partner does that turns you on the most? 

Not only are you delivering a hefty ego boost here, but you’re also giving yourself the chance to reinforce something you know gets you off. Win-win. 

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Show your partner how you masturbate.

Hey, nobody knows your body like you do. Plus, it brings in an element of exhibitionism that can be seriously hot, says Kerner. Get some inspiration with the best masturbation tips ever

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What’s on your sex to-do list?

Making lists is fun, and making lists of things you can do naked is even more fun. Jot down all the things you’d love to try, then hand it over to your partner. Prepare to have a way more interesting sex life. 

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Treat your partner to 10 minutes of uninterrupted oral, then switch.

This may not sound like a treat for you at first, but trust us—research shows that pleasing your partner actually boosts your own arousal. So give them some love, then try one of these oral sex positions when it’s your turn. 

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