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6 months ago
Top ways by which you can lose weight without counting calories

Do you know that you can lose weight even when you are not cutting back on calories? Dr. Ipshita Chakravarti — Chief Dietician at CK Birla Hospitals — CMRI will help you in deciphering the top ways in which we can lose weight without even counting calories.

1.Eat less of refined carbs – One must have limited amounts of carbs as control on carbs is required for maintaining normal weight. Consult a dietician and chart out a low carb diet plan if required. Go for real, unprocessed, low carbs like meat, fish, eggs, vegetables, fruit, nuts, seeds, high-fat dairy, fats, healthy oils etc.

2. Portion control by using smaller plates— It is very important to keep check on the portion of each item you consume. Try to eat from a medium to small sized plate. Don’t take multiple servings. Cut back on fast food, refined grain, solid fats and added sugars. Opt for lean protein, non-fat or low-fat dairy food, eggs, healthy oils etc.

3. Exercise unintentionally — Benefits of exercise are infinite. Be it running, aerobic exercise, fast walking, climbing stairs daily or yoga, any form of healthy physical activity will help immensely in losing weight. Even small yet routine physical activity, such as climbing stairs, walking your dog, and playing football with your children is a great way to will keep your heart healthy, improve your mood, fend off sickness, and aid in weight loss. Meditation and yoga are major stress busters and energy boosters.

4. Gorge on more vegetables and fruits – High fibre diet containing green vegetables and fruits give a feeling of fullness. Always keep a salad plate with your lunch and dinner. Learn new salad recipes. Put dressings like nuts, cheese for additional nutritional benefit. Add protein to your salad like sliced chicken pieces and transform it into a meal.

5. Eat more protein to trick your body into keeping full – Have first class protein items e.g. eggs and chicken, which have properties that help in losing weight. Also, fish, soy, poultry, eggs, nuts, and beans provide multiple nutrients, help build muscle and improve heart health. Have one item of lean protein with each meal, like eggs for breakfast, meat for lunch and fish for dinner. While having meat always go for the leaner cut.

6. Don’t drink empty calories – Avoid aerated drinks, sugary soda, energy drinks, sweet tea, and processed fruit juices at all cost. They are detrimental to our well-being. They not only add to obesity issue but also lead to diabetes, heart diseases, kidney trouble etc. High-fructose content also causes liver disorders.

7. Stave off added sugar — Reduced intake of free sugars is the healthiest diet choice one can make. Cut back on amount of sugar you put in tea, coffee, cereal, dessert etc. Stay away from food with high sugar content like energy bars, high-fructose drinks etc. Eliminate consumption of white and brown sugar. Buy sugar-free drinks. Use sugar-free sweetener while cooking and baking.

8. Never skip any meal — Skipping meal is a very unhealthy practice which leads to decrease in blood sugar level, irregular metabolic changes, obesity, and other health woes. Not having breakfast and then binging on heavy meal during lunch and dinner can create havoc to your metabolic system. Two to three helpings of fruits are must, while five to six servings of vegetables are recommended. Fibre and protein-rich meal during lunch always adds to a healthy diet plan. Restrict your intake of salt and oil. Dinner should be light with much of green veggies and protein. If having a complete meal is not possible, then keep ready-to go snacks with yourself. Snack on healthy nuts, soup, fruit juice, yogurt, buttermilk, coconut water, low calorie fruits etc.

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