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11 months ago
Top 5 Googled diseases and conditions of 2017 in India

What is the best way to check for top trends and searches in the health and diseases than looking at Google Trends? A single click can give you the list of diseases and conditions that ruled the Internet this year. So as we bid adieu to 2017, we thought of looking at the most searched health problems. And it is no surprise that cancer was most searched on Google in the health section. Here are the other conditions that made it to the top this year.

1. Cancer: It goes without saying that cancer is the leading cause of mortality not only in India but all over the world. The news of Vinod Khanna battling cancer and then, falling prey to the deadly news was one of the top trends this year. The other related searches were cancer herbologist in Bangalore and the role of turmeric (curcuminoids) in dealing with the disease.

2. Fever: The reason fever was more searched in 2017 was due to conditions such as viral fever, swine flu and dengue. Fever or an increase in temperature is related to many health problems and is one of the common symptom seen in most diseases and conditions. However, if you have fever for more than a day it is wise to consult a doctor.

3. Diabetes: India is the diabetes capital of the world with only 62 million diabetics in the country (15 percent of the population). November 14 is World diabetes day 2017 and the theme for this year was “women and diabetes – our right to a healthy future.”

4. Dengue: The increasing toll of dengue in Delhi and other parts of the Northern India is responsible for rising trends in India. Dengue is known to cause a drastic drop in the blood platelet count. Also, the death of a 7-year-old girl due to dengue and the hospital charging more than 18 lakhs for treatment was one of the viral trends in the healthcare category this year. Off the most searched terms related to dengue, treatment and symptoms were the top ranking ones.

5. HIV: Most people get confused between HIV and AIDS. Being HIV positive means a person has the HIV virus and AIDS is a full-blown disease. Here’s the difference between HIV and AIDS. Although currently there is a lot of awareness about HIV, which is why there has been a drop in the number f cases of HIV in India. However, timely diagnosis and treatment along with safe sex practice is the right approach to deal with it. The most search terms related to HIV were HIV cure and vaccine.

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