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10 months ago
This is why you stop to bleed at night when on periods!

We are aware that this is not the case with everyone and some women might bleed excessively at night; so much that leaking becomes a common thing during those days. The follows the daunting task of dealing with the piles of stained bed sheets and undergarments. But there are some other (should I say blessed) girls whose bleeding almost stops during the night, they practically go by without staining their pads.

Don’t get jealous over here if that is not the case with you because the mornings have the worse in store for them, they bleed profusely. ‘It happens usually during the second day of my periods and I feel that it’s got over. But in the morning, I am actually drenching pads every four hours. In my teens, I never understood why this happened, but now it is a pattern. I know I won’t bleed at night but the mornings I am prepared for the worse,’ says Kakoli Sen, an interior decorator from Kolkata. Here are some interesting facts about the period blood that you should know.

Well, Kakoli is not the only person who faces this tricky situation during her periods, I spoke to a teenager once who had her own doubts regarding periods and she said, ‘Since my periods stop at night there are days when it seems like it got over in three days. Once my periods didn’t resume even in the morning and I went to college but by mid-day, I was in a pool of blood,’ says Sohini Roy, a student.

The matters of periods can be tricky but we women must learn to deal with it. I have been through these whims of menstruation too. I sought an answer from a gynaecologist who assured me that stopping of periods during the night is common and not a matter to ponder on too much. In fact, it is gravity that does the trick. She told me that absence of bleeding at night for women who bleed moderately is common, but it doesn’t necessarily mean that your periods have stopped. Here is what happens to your body when on periods.

When you stand gravity works on you to help the blood drain out of your uterus. Similarly when you lie down blood doesn’t flow out that easily. This happens on the days when your periods are lighter or for women who experience moderate flow. But still on days when you bleed heavily like the first day or the first two days of your periods your night flow could also be severe.

So, to be on the safer side, if you have not experienced bleeding at night still keep a pad handy or wear one to save yourself from the impending deluge that is about to come.

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