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1 year ago
This is why Kim Kardashian's perfume is reportedly banned in Australia, New Zea...

Reports suggest that Kim Kardashian West’s latest KKW Fragrance line, ‘Crystal Gardenia,’ cannot be transported to Australia and New Zealand. Apparently it contains a high amount of alcohol due to which it has been marked as ‘hazardous’ and ‘flammable’ for handling by various shipping carriers.

The representative for FedEx told INSIDER that the carrier is trying to work out a way with KKW Fragrance to come up with a solution to ship it.

“FedEx Express does ship perfume so long as it has been properly packaged and declared in shipping documents,” the representative told INSIDER. “We safely and reliably transport millions of shipments each year, and we are working with Ms. Kardashian’s team to help them resolve any packaging or documentation issues they may be experiencing.”

Kim Kardashian West had recently unveiled the campaign imagery for the fragrance via her Instagram account, on which she has 104 million followers.

For the last few months she had been suggesting that she would be launching her fragrance project. Earlier this year, Kim had successfully launched her own cosmetics brand called KKW Beauty.

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