This Woman Chose to Celebrate Her Divorce Rather Than Be Sad, and Man, Did Her Friends Come Through

Going through a divorce is unquestionably hard. Instead of focusing on the sadness, however, Nicole Niesner of Saskatchewan, Canada, decided to do something unexpectedly joyful: on the day her divorce was finalized, Niesner threw a "divorce party."

"I had three choices: live it like every other day, cry and be miserable all day, or celebrate a new beginning, a second chance. I decided I wanted to celebrate and acknowledge the day," she told Love What Matters. So her friends arrived, bringing not just food and drinks, but also their own wedding dresses.

The women got dressed up in their gowns and lovingly reminisced about their weddings, love, children, family, and special memories that they all shared. "They wanted me to know that I am loved by many and that I'm going to be okay. This is what friendship is all about - supporting each other through the good and the bad," Niesner said.

Thankfully, photographer Eoanna Tatoulis was there to capture this night of unconditional love and support. "It felt amazing to be surrounded by such positive women," Tatoulis told POPSUGAR. "I am going through my own separation, however, I wanted to still support Nicole. I couldn't bare to wear my wedding dress so I decided to just do the photos for it and provide her with lasting memories! It turned out to be the best night! All my sadness went away and I knew I'd be alright surrounded by such positive women."

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