This Website Will Donate Money to Charity Every Time You Masturbate

Masturbation generally isn’t considered a selfless act. It’s much needed alone time for you to (literally) do you.

But a couple of Stanford grads are trying to change that.

Adam Lee and James Cook (not their real names, apparently) just launched a porn website,, that donates a penny to charity for every video watched, according to the The Huffington Post. After pleasuring themselves, users click an “IJUSTCAME!” button to send their “orgasmic donation.” The site limits users to two contributions per day. (It is a business, after all.)

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Funds will go to charitable organizations including the Movember Project, which raises funds for prostate and testicular cancer research, the Ovarian Cancer Research Fund (aw, thanks, guys!), and the Joyful Heart Foundation, which aids victims of sexual assault and revenge porn.

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Lee and Cook told The Huffington Post that they came up with the idea after a drunken night of frat partying. How…surprising.

The duo ran an anonymous private version of the site before launching to gauge how people would respond to it. They say they raised $1,000 in a “very short time.” (Spice up your solo sex life with these toys from the Women's Health Boutique.)

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We’ll have to wait and see how successful the site will be. It’s only a penny per view, but considering porn is a multibillion dollar industry, those cents could add up quickly.

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