This Teacher Went the Extra Mile to Help a Student Learn to Love Her Hairstyle

In late January, pre-k teacher Leigha Bishop complimented one of her students, August, on a new hairstyle. When the Sugar Land, TX, teacher added that she might try the style - cornrows and a topknot - for herself, August just rolled her eyes disbelievingly. But Leigha (known as Ms. Bishop to her class) wasn't kidding around! The following morning, she arrived to school wearing a natural hairstyle identical to August's, leaving the adorable student and her father speechless. Posing together for photos, it's clear how much this sort of affirmation from a grown-up role model meant to the little girl. August's grin is absolutely contagious.

Photos of the sweet student-teacher "twinning" moment went viral on Facebook and Twitter, with many folks chiming in about how important it is for influential adults like Leigha to help kids learn to love themselves. The pre-k teacher agrees. "I'm so grateful for the opportunity to pour positiv[ity] into this world! Loving ourselves is the best thing we can do," she posted on Facebook. "And it starts with the children!"

When POPSUGAR reached out to Leigha about the photos, she told us: "We ALL need more love, and that's what I hope everyone feels." We certainly agree, and it warms our hearts to look at the photos of the pair (and their matching hair!). Every kid should have a teacher like Leigha!

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