This Is the Music That Would Be on an IRL Jeremy Scott Mixtape

Image Source: Getty / Jeffrey Meyer

Last year, I was cleaning out my apartment and decided to get rid of my old CD player (remember those?!). So I put it out on the curb, as you do with trash in NYC. As I walked back up my stoop, I saw two preteens eyeing my loot. "What is that?" one asked. "I don't know," the other replied. "Looks like an old-timey microwave or something." Ah, youth.

So when I saw Jeremy Scott's mixtape-themed MAC Collection, which takes its inspiration from the now-vintage boombox and other musical accoutrements of (not-too-distant) yore, I freaked out. Like the rest of the world, I needed this limited-edition collab, which is in stores now, all up on my vanity. Of course, the product packaging won't actually work on a turntable, but what if there was a real-life Jeremy Scott mixtape? What artists would be on it?

To find out, I spoke with the man himself at NYC's Soho MAC store. The designer, who's been dubbed "one of fashion's last rebels," is known for his playful, spunky, and girlie looks. He's dressed just about every female pop star who has rocked the biz during his 20-year career. Women like Madonna, Rihanna, Miley Cyrus, and now Cardi B all turn to Jeremy to get diva-fied.

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