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8 months ago
This Figure Skater Is Going Viral for Doing a Routine to 'Turn Down For What' (And NAILING It)

Jimmy Ma is a bad boy figure skating angel who was sent from heaven to ~shake up~ the stodgy sport. For his short program skate from the 2018 National Championships, he glides along to DJ Snake and Lil Jon's iconic "Turn Down For What," and it truly took my breath away Рyou haven't lived until you see him perfectly execute a Triple Axle to the raucous tones of the 2014 song of the summer. Also, the commentator's reactions to the music might be even better than the song selection Рit's risqu̩, but they think they like it! So naughty! Ugh, this whole video is just *chef's kiss*.

Pro tip: Go to 2:30 if you want to see him really go HAM.

And if you need more Jimmy after this, please enjoy him bringing the house down to an EMINEM MEDLEY last season:


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