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11 months ago
This Chinese family worked out for 6 months and the results are UNBELIEVABLE!

Losing weight is not always as difficult as it may seem at first. Indeed, it requires a lot of effort as it can exhaust you mentally as well as physically. But motivation from your friends and family can help you in achieving the desired results. Something similar happened with this 32-year-old Chinese photographer, Jesse. He decided to lose weight along with his family and took up this as a challenge. The entire family supported each other for a period of six months and the results are nothing but just outstanding! We literally have no words for their progress.
The task was initiated when Jesse's mother made up her mind to temporarily work out with her son and his pregnant wife. Jesse left no stone unturned and invited his father in their fitness regime. He got support from his father too and this also strengthened the bond between the four.

Jesse's father had a beer belly and by involving his father in weight loss journey, he helped him regain passion for life. Initially, they started their fitness plan with walking, and eventually, they started to jog. They added more exercises and later joined a gym. They started to track the results by measuring their bodies every 10 days. Jesse had planned this weight loss journey from March 10 to September 30. But now, it has become a part of their lives. The entire family claims that they will stick to their fitness regime. According to Jesse, weight loss and fitness regime have made his father a confident man.

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