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This Boozy Coffee Is All The Rage On Social Media And It Beats Cold Too!

  • Greelandic coffee is trending on social media.
  • The coffee is famous for having all of Greenland in one cup.
  • It's topped with orange liqueur that is lit on fire.
Care for some boozy coffee? We say, give it to us anytime! What if we said that a mixture of booze and coffee can actually cure cold too? Well, that seems to be the case as a hot concoction containing alcohol, hot coffee, with just a dollop of whipped cream seems to be the new trendy way to beat the cold. The drink, that is similar to Irish coffee, is called Greenlandic Coffee and it is all the rage on social media, with booze lovers lapping the trend up!

This is one coffee recipe you'll want to bookmark. The drink is made by mixing equal parts of whisky and coffee liqueur with hot black coffee, and is finished up with fresh whipped cream. But what's so 'trendy' about this drink you ask? Well, for the final touch, the drink is lit ablaze with a ladle full of an orange-flavored liqueur. The drink is flambéed to give the effect of the Northern lights- a beautiful natural phenomenon that is witnessed in the country. The final look of the drink is magnificent and even the process of making it is quite mesmerizing.

Here's how you make the drink: Mix 20 ml each of whisky and coffee liqueur with 300 ml of hot black coffee. You may use a glass that's already warmed up a bit. A pilsner glass might be the perfect choice to serve the drink in. Place a dollop of sweetened whipped cream on top and then cover it with flaming orange liqueur and voila! Your drink is ready! If you don't know how to flambé, you can still make it at home, without lighting the cream on fire.

The drink is usually served after dinner. The most common thing that's said about the coffee is that it's got "the whole of Greenland in one mug."

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