Think This Rose Gold Brush Set Is Stunning? Wait Until You See Its Matching Marble Holder

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BH Cosmetics: the beauty emporium that keeps on giving, while taking only just a little bit of coin from our wallets. From its makeup brushes to its Zodiac-inspired eye shadow palettes, BH has become a burgeoning player in the budget beauty game. So, allow us to freak out a little bit over its latest Rosé Romance Makeup Brush Set ($24) - and the corresponding Angled Brush Holder ($6).

Yup, for just 30 bucks you can get yourself not only a 12-piece set and cosmetics case, but you can also score a fabulous little shelf to put it all on. Despite its modest price, the duo doesn't look cheap. In fact, the mix of rose gold and marble is ultraluxe. What's more, the reviews of this set are all pretty glowing, with many people praising the brushes' softness and versatility.

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