These Indian celebs pulled off the best beard trends of 2017

Beards have been in trend for a while and by the looks of it, they are here to stay for a while. The best looking beards are the ones that are well-groomed. It’s about rocking the best beard possible. Mohit Saxena, co-founder of Raw Nature, a men’s grooming products brand in India, talks about the best beard trends of 2017 and the Indian celebs who rocked them.

Bold and thick — This beard style gives a quite a ‘masculine’ appearance if done right. For this style, you should let your sideburns blend into the beard, with the same length throughout. Trim regularly.


Thin beard – This is one of shortest beards you can have, basically like a stubble. To maintain the look you need to let the sideburns come down thin and then fade into the main beard. The moustache, too, needs to be finely trimmed.

Short beard with a defined moustache – For this look, the beard has to be down to your jawline for the start and let thin sideburns grow into it. Let the moustache grow in the shape of an inverted U. keep the beard closely trimmed.

How to maintain your beard
1) Always match your beard to your face shape
2) Invest in a quality trimmer for regular trims.
3) Scrub your beard several times each week with a good beard wash.
4) To maintain a beard use beard oil regularly.

The beard style for your face shape

1) Short beard with a defined moustache and a thin beard looks the best on an oval or square face shape.

2) Bold and thick looks good on almost all face shapes, especially round ones.

Here are some home remedies to make your beard grow faster.

Image source: Twitter/@imVkohli, Twitter/@Rkgirl_chinchu, Twitter/@RanveerOfficial

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