These 6 Real-Life Stories of Women Bailing on Potential Hookups Will Make You Cringe and Crack Up

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While steamy hookups make great memories, the not-so-steamy ones make for hilarious tales over drinks. But there's a subcategory of hanky panky that isn't mentioned much—the almost-fling. It's a crazy phenomenon where nooky is on the horizon, yet one thing doesn't lead to another.

Here, six women share their most memorable zero-night stand stories:

turning down a hookup
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"The only time I walked away from a hookup was also the only time I used Tinder to meet someone. One minute we're having fun and flirting away, and the next he's so drunk and obnoxious that we actually got kicked out of the bar! Considering he could barely stand, it was obvious that sex was off the table (he tried to grope me and missed). I stuffed him into the backseat of a cab and never heard from him again."—Brandy W.

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turning down a hookup
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"One night my friends dragged me to a party where I met a guy named Dan. It wasn't fireworks or anything, but I felt like maybe there was enough there for a half-night stand. We thought we'd kick it old school by making out at the party and head back to my place for the grand finale. But when we started hooking up at my place, he was so bad at foreplay that I couldn't bring myself to go any further with him. (Long story short, he made me bleed.) I came down with a fake migraine and spent the night with my Netflix queue."—Madison M.

turning down a hookup
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"My guy friend and I talked about hooking up constantly. We were both between relationships and there was nobody new on the horizon, so why not? Only every time we'd try to take things to the next level, something very unsexy would get in the way. One time, his brother showed up for a surprise visit. Another time, I biked to his place, wound up with debris in my eye, and had to go to the ER. One other time, we were at a party and just as we were about to get down to business, he fell victim to a gnarly flu bug. It's clear that the universe was trying to tell us something. We decided to stick to our purely platonic relationship."—Callie N.

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turning down a hookup
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"Before I was about to hook up with a guy I'd been into forever, I went into his bathroom to freshen up. I was fixing my makeup when this wave of dizziness came over me, my chest tightened, and I had a full-blown panic attack. For some reason, I just couldn't go through with it. By the time I pulled myself together, he fell asleep. But it was for the best. I found out he had a girlfriend! My instincts saved me, and I'm forever grateful."—Ashleigh J.

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turning down a hookup
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"My sister invited me to her place for the Fourth of July long weekend. She not-so-subtly introduced me to Ted, a long-time friend of hers. We got along, and I thought it might lead to something. Well, that is until I learned from my sister's super-drunk friend that she just met Ted online that day and invited him specifically to hook up with me! All I could picture was waking up after sleeping with him to find all of my electronics stolen. Thanks, but no thanks."—Alison K.

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"One of my BFFs set me up with one of her boyfriend's best friends. We swapped pics and texted beforehand. He was handsome and texted full sentences, so I was game. But in person, there was just no spark. He wore so much jewelry it looked like he was about to drop a rap single. Plus, he had this weird obsession with Pokémon, which I haven't been into since puberty. Post-dinner, I set it to him straight. We've been friends ever since."—Amanda T.

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