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11 months ago
The trailer of R Madhavan’s psychological thriller ‘Breathe’ deals with lung transplant and other health issues in India

You might have come across the R Madhavan’s web series “Breathe”. A psychological thriller, the story does focus on various aspects pertaining to everyday life such as the strong bond a father and son share, a kid suffering from lung failure, how lung transplantation can help save a kid and how a father resorts to drastic measures to save his son from the clutches of death.

The trailer begins with R Madhavan carrying his son in his hands to a hospital, where the doctor reveals that the kid suffers from lung failure and is in dire need of a lung transplant. As the child fights the fatal disease, he tells his father that he doesn’t want to die. As the hospital lacks AB negative lung, the father decides to fight for his kid’s life. How the single parent of a six-year-old named Josh embarks on the journey of finding a lung suitable for transplantation for his son and how he goes on a killing spree to find a suitable donor forms the rest of the story.

Is it possible to get a lung transplant?

What is more interesting about this trailer is the fact that the story tries to throw some light on lung transplant, which is not quite commonly known. Here are 23 frequently asked questions on organ donation answered. Unlike kidney and blood donation, many people are not aware of lung donation and transplant. A type of organ donation, the lung transplant is basically recommended for people who are suffering from end-stage lung disease. Questions such as — Is it possible to get a lung transplant? who can undergo lung transplant? Can a person with chronic lung disease lead a normal life after lung transplantation? might come to the mind. To get an answer to this, here is everything you need to know whether is it possible to get a lung transplant or not.

You need to watch the web series to know the entire story. Here’s the official trailer of the web series “Breathe’ you need to watch NOW!

Video Source: Amazon Prime Video India/YouTube

Image Source: Amazon Prime Video India/YouTube

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