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1 week ago
The Women from "Christian Girl Autumn" Are Speaking Out and It's Um...Something!

  • The "Christian Girl Autumn" meme ladies have been identified IRL and they're speaking out about going viral.
  • FYI, this meme started as a joke by an anonymous Twitter user and blew up overnight.

    This week in memes we don't deserve, "Christian Girl Autumn" is taking over social media and now the women in question are speaking out.

    The meme—an obvious play on Hot Girl Summer—started thanks to a Long Island college student trolling everyone. Apparently, this dude told Buzzfeed that he had no idea it would get so much attention, and simply Googled "cute church outfits" and "all scarf outfits."

    So, who are the ladies in the picture? That'd be influencers Emily Gemma (who runs the blog The Sweetest Thing) and Caitlin Covington (who runs the blog Southern Curls and Pearls).

    “At first I didn’t know it was a big deal so I kind of laughed it off,” Gemma told Buzzfeed, while Covington said the picture was taken in 2016 when the friends were shooting "fall content." Lol.

    “It was just a big blogging trip where we changed outfits a bunch and took a lot of pictures,” said Covington, who finds this entire thing deeply amusing. “We look so basic in our blanket scarves and holding our Pumpkin Spice Lattes.”

    The bloggers also confirmed that while yes, they are Christians who love Autumn, they aren't as basic as twitter seems to think, and aren't intolerant of people with different beliefs than theirs—which is some people online are assuming.

    “That’s not me at all, I’m a nice person and I love everyone and I’m accepting of everyone," Covington said, while Gemma added, “I’m white and Christian but none of the tweets were accurate. I laughed at all of it but...none of it’s true. We don’t ever want to speak to the manager!”

    Cool, this has been an update in 2019 is ¯_(ツ)_/¯.

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