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The Post-Workout Snack Fitness Instructors Swear By

1/5 Photograph courtesy of Lisa Niren

When we asked 10 top fitness instructors to share what they munch on after a tough workout, a clear theme emerged: They're not munching on anything at all. However, a majority said they do sip on some kind of protein shake to help them recover and refuel.

"After a workout, I want ample protein and carbs, and my main objective is to fuel and reload my depleted muscles," says Lisa Niren, a New York City-based personal trainer and indoor-cycling instructor. "Within minutes of a workout ending, I drink a Jay Robb chocolate or vanilla whey protein shake. A shake is fast-absorbing into the blood stream and provides easily digestible carbs to fill up the muscle glycogen stores with quality protein to build up lean muscle mass."

Keep clicking for some other fitness instructors' shakes of choice.

2/5 Photograph courtesy of Joey Gonzalz

"Simply PB Protein Shake from the FUEL BAR at Barry's Bootcamp." —Joey Gonzalez, celebrity trainer and CEO at Barry’s Bootcamp

3/5 Photograph courtesy of Lena Marti

"I'll have a nice, healthy protein shake with half a banana for carbs to replenish those muscle fibers." —Lena Marti, coach at Orangetheory Fitness

4/5 Photograph courtesy of Marni Rosenthal Chaikin

"I love the Magic milkshake from Paleta or the A-okay protein shake at Juice Crafters." —Marni Rosenthal Chaikin, Pure Barre owner/instructor in the Los Angeles area

5/5 Photograph courtesy of Richard Giorla

"[I like] the Superhero protein drink from Soupure, which is made with almond milk, nuts, seeds, and dried fruit. It's delicious and fills you up." —Richard Giorla, founder and owner of Cardio Barre

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