The Older-The Better: Top 11 Reasons to Date an Older Partner

Reasons to Date an Older Partner

Dating is a pretty wide subject to cover. To some, dating is just exploring (at the beginning at least), learning something new, having fun. To others, dating is a pretty serious thing. The others want to find love. And then, there are people who are in between. They are a mixture.

Although dating is a very complex “thing”, there are some ground rules and some general rules that apply to everyone. I believe that dating represents learning about other people, learning about yourself, exploring, connecting. And I believe that is the essence of it. You see, having sex with an older woman is something most men (if not all of them) crave for. Not just because they find someone older so attractive, but because there is much more to it. This article will show you just that what dating an older partner brings to your life.

Personally, I believe that people should explore as much as they can. Now, this may sound like I’m giving cheating the green lights. That’s a huge no! If you find someone who clicks with you pretty good, someone good and someone who is your type, then why would you destroy that by cheating? However, I do believe that you should be giving chances to different types of people. See how other people think and expand your comfort zone. Only that way you will be certain that you know what you want and that you know what you are looking for. This is extremely important because of marriage. You must choose your life partner very carefully.

Of course, relationships offer you a way of exploring your sexuality and learning more about it; eventually even getting better at sex. Many people simply let themselves go and try many different things, like tantric sex positions, for an example (read more about it in this study). That can do only good for you, if you are doing it with a trusted partner, of course.

Before we begin, there are a few things I must address first.

Who is too old or too young to date?

There isn’t really a rule for this. You won’t find anything written about restrictions and limitations. However, there is the normal young-old relationship and the absolutely wrong one.

Nowadays, you can see young people being in a “committed” relationship with someone who is twice their age! They are either doing so for money or popularity. Just think about it and you will know what is too old or too young to date. You want to feel comfortable but not strange.

What is mature dating?

A mature relationship is when two partners are completely involved in their relationships and when they completely care about one another. Mature dating is the process of building a true, mature relationship.

What is mature dating?

Reasons why you should have an older partner 

Now, we have come to the interesting part. In this part of the article, you will see 11 reasons why you should date someone older than yourself. This article may or may not convince you, but the facts are there, and if you truly are an explorer, this is for you.

11. Better at sex  (Enjoy Sex)

Before we begin, I just want to make one thing clear. The reasons you will see here aren’t generic. With that being said, don’t blame this article if you get disappointed by an older partner.

And now, the first point I will be addressing here is Better at Sex.

Sex with an older partner gives you much more than simple thrills. It is safe to assume that an older partner if the partner is at least three years older than you or more, had more relationships than you. With that being said, it is also safe to assume that he may have had more sex than you.

Although it sounds silly when being said like this, sex is like anything else. You get better by practice. The more you do it, the better you become.

However, you should be careful. Don’t jump into unprotected sex right away. Your partner may seem trustworthy and experienced, but if you don’t trust him/her fully, don’t do it right away.

10. More experienced (Learn from your partner)  

This point only supports the previous one. With age, whether you want it or not, comes experience. The more you see and feel, the more you know and learn.

So, older partners could be excellent teachers. When I say this I don’t just mean in a sexual way. In everyday situations, you may learn so much from an experienced partner.

Every date could feel like something new. Like I have said, this doesn’t mean that it will be the same for every single elderly man or woman.

9. Financial security (Don’t stress about money)

Money shouldn’t be the most important thing in a relationship. At least not when you are exploring and having fun, which I mentioned at the beginning of this article. However, once you have “had some fun” and once you feel like you want more from a relationship, something that could prepare you for marriage or even if you are looking for “marriage material”, financial security will be a pretty important aspect.

Older partners (most of them, of course) are financially secure. They are already at their desired destination or still working towards it, but all in all, they are kind of settled and have a regular income. This doesn’t mean that all of them will be rich. Not rich, just secured, but if you are born under the lucky star maybe you will get both.

8. Emotionally Stable (Emotional maturity)

Experience has its role to play even at this point. With years, heartbreaks are almost inevitable. You already probably know that heartbreaks actually make us stronger and more prepared. However, heartbreaks aren’t the only things that have made elderly men and women more emotionally stable. It is life itself.

With age comes responsibility, experience, knowledge. So, don’t expect childish reactions of your older partner.

7. A good match (You will click together)

It truly does look good when you mix experience and romance. That is what you will get if you find yourself an older partner.

Many people will judge if the age difference is pretty evidential, but you shouldn’t care. You will look pretty good together. This doesn’t mean that you should date someone in their forties if you are a teenager though.

6. Romance on both ends (Enjoy romance)

Older women and men are more likely to look for a romantic adventure than younger men and women. When you are young, you don’t know much. You haven’t experienced much, or you haven’t experienced anything at all.

Older men and women already have. They have already seen and experienced most of the thrills so now they need something solid and trustworthy, something like a mature relationship full of romance.

If you want to feel truly loved, an older partner may be the only thing you need.

5. Knowing what they want (Trust your partner)

This is also a very important point. I figure you don’t want to be someone’s toy, right? Well, with an older partner you probably won’t. He/she already knows what he/she wants. With that being said, your older partner wouldn’t waste his time with you if he didn’t want you in the first place.

4. Make you better (Work on you)

An experienced, older partner will always tell you your flaws and try to make you achieve your goal, whatever it is.  

3. Be there for you (Help will always be there)

Trust is very important when it comes to older partners. With that being said, you can be sure he or she will be there when you need them the most.

2. Easy to talk to (Enjoy communication)

You won’t have a hard time finding topics to talk about with an older partner. If you two like the same stuff, then it will definitely be a blast!

1. Serious but fun (Enjoy your partner’s maturity)

Older partners may seem very serious at some moments, but keep in mind they went through many things, plus that age requires that kind of an attitude. Don’t think for a moment that they are boring though. You will have a great time.

Ben Arnold is a freelance writer and health advisor from past 6 years. Through his advanced studies, he has gain enormous experience in this field. In his free time, he loves to read books and enjoy music.
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