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10 months ago
The Mukkabaaz effect: Decoding tyre flipping as a type of a workout

From the classic Rocky series or the cult favourite Raging Bull, there’s something about boxing movies that inspires us to train like a boxer. The latest in line to get us all fired up is a movie from our very own Bollywood- Mukkabaaz. Actor Vineet Kumar Singh trained extensively for a year for his role of a boxer. And one of exercises, which he could be seen doing in the movie also, is tyre flipping.

After watching Vineet flip heavy tyres in the movie as if they were nothing, we got curious as to what are the benefits of tyre flipping, how does one goes about it. Fitness experts Ilu Singh and Jinnie Gogia Chugh, guide us on how to flip tyres to get fit.

Actor Sidharth Malhotra also flipped tyres to get fit for his movie brothers, which was released in 2015.

How to flip a tyre

1)Starting properly- You feet and hip-shoulder width should be apart. To get into a starting position, push your hips back. This will ensure that your back is straight and your core is engaged.

2)Hand grip- Opt for the underhand grip and then place your hands on the tyre treads. Don’t place your hands in between the tread as you can risk getting injured.

3)How to lift/ flip the tyre - The power for the lift comes from your hips. Drive up the tyre using your hips. When the tyre is vertical, you ought to catch it overhand and then push it over.

3 things to keep in mind

1) Incorrect posture can cause you injury. While flipping tyres, your back should not round up. If this happens then maintaining the kyphotic curve (upper back has an outward curvature by which the spine is bent forward) during tyre flip is difficult.

2)The tyre should be kept close to the body, just like a deadlift. If it’s not close then while lifting the tyre , a lot of pressure can come on your lower back. And you don’t want that.

3) If you are a beginner then don’t attempt it. You need to have a strong lower back to flip tyres. Always do this exercise under supervision of a trainer.

5 tyre based workouts and their benefits

1) Lateral jumps- Stand parallel to the tyre . Squat and jump sideways onto the tyre and land in a half- squat position. Then again jump sideways onto the ground. And repeat.

Benefit- It helps to strengthen and condition your lower body and core. It also improves mobility, agility and endurance.

2)The farmer walk- Stand in a deadlift position inside the tyre . Lift the tyre and go for a walk. Your chest and shoulders should be straight.

Benefit- This will work your calves and shoulder. It will also help to increase and condition your grip strength. This is also an excellent endurance building exercise.

3) Decline pushups- Place your hands on the floor but they should be slightly wider than shoulder-width apart. Now, place your toes on the tyre and do a pushup.

Benefit- This will work your upper pectoral muscles. It helps to increase your hand strength and also works your core.

4)Tyre deadlift- Stand inside the tyre in a deadlift position. Lock your shoulders down before you perform the deadlift.

Benefit- It improves grip strength as you have to rotate your hands. It also increases hip and shoulder strength and improves lower body mobility.

5)Toe touches- First, stand in front of the tyre . Move your left knee up and touch the tyre with your toe. Simultaneously, when your left knee drives up, your right arm will move backward. Similarly, repeat this with your right knee and left arm. The idea is perform this action quickly.

Benefit- It increases your foot speed and acceleration. It also works your hip flexors.

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