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The Best Umbrellas for Your Health

[[{"type":"media","fid":"805876","attributes":[]}]]You might want to grab your umbrella—even if the weather forecast doesn’t call for rain: Umbrellas can help protect against ultraviolet rays when it’s sunny outside, according to new research out of Emory University in Atlanta.

For the study, researchers collected 23 umbrellas. They included traditional umbrellas, a larger golf umbrella, a children’s novelty umbrella, and a travel umbrella specifically designed to block out the sun. On a cloudless day, the researchers measured UV radiation (UVR) without an umbrella, as well as from two positions underneath each umbrella. The umbrella created to block rays was the most effective option (it deflected 99 percent of UVR), but all of the umbrellas protected against at least 77 percent of UVR.

The worst pick? A white umbrella. No surprise, black proved to be much more effective: All of the black umbrellas blocked at least 90 percent of UVR, with most blocking more than 95 percent.

While umbrellas can provide an additional layer of protection when the sun’s beating down, you still have to apply plenty of sunscreen. “We feel like this could make a nice complement to what people are already doing for sun protection,” says Josette McMichael, MD, the first author of the study and chief resident of grand rounds in Emory’s department of dermatology. These results also mean that your umbrella does double-duty on rainy days; UVR can make its way to your skin even when it’s cloudy, says McMichael.

Check out these stylish options to help keep you safe:


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