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The Best Trackers, Water Bottles and Headphones For Every Workout

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We polled over 1,000 woman about their biggest concerns with workout gear, and scoured the market for solutions to put together our 2015 Fitness Awards. It's not just about clothes and equipment, though—we also compiled our top picks for the most essential gym accessories to complete your workout. Click through to find out which trackers, water bottles, and headphones ranked highest.

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The Best Trackers

Gotta say, shocked by this: 62 percent of you don't own a fitness tracker. But 29 percent totes would if it tracked every little deet of your activity. Here, the all-new, fitness-plus gadgets.

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This accelerometer-equipped wonder monitors exercise intensity and heart rate (resting, too) and throws you personal goals based on past workouts (deleting them as you go). It also does the zillion other things an iPhone does, because Apple.

Apple Watch, from $349,

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It's a bit weighty to wear, but worth it: The analog watch (which buzzes when you get calls, e-mails, and texts) flips over to display everything from step count to your calories as they come in and out in real time. Business in the front, fitness in the back.

iFit Duo Watch, $299,

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Alerts remind you to move every hour, and an activity timer lets you track workouts and sleep patterns when you sync to the app. The battery lasts an unheard-of year-plus. (We repeat: No. Charging. For. 365. Days.) What else? Tons of interchangeable bands...we love options!

Garmin Vivofit 2, $130,

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The Best Water Bottles

You guys are like Goldilocks: You want a vessel that's not too big, not too small, and not a pain to deal with on runs. Fairy-tale hydration wishes, granted.

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Space Saver

Made of ultra-lightweight plastic, this guy squishes down to the size of a tennis ball. Stash anywhere.

Hydrapak SoftFlask, $21,

8/13 ,
Running Partner

You laugh, but once you log a race with this two-liter pack, you'll never hit the pavement without it. Bonus: It was designed with women (read: boobs) in mind.

Nathan Moxy Race Vest, $120, at Dick's Sporting Goods

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Quick Hits

This beast has serious squeezability and a killer "water-flow rate" (two biggies when you need agua now). Plus, it auto-seals after each swig and keeps your water cool for hours.

CamelBak Podium Chill, $13,

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The Best Headphones

More than half of you dissed earbuds for their messy cords; the rest blasted them for constantly falling out. Note to designers: Figure this out, already! Oh wait, a couple already did...

11/13 ,
Do Burpees to a Beat

These sick-sounding wireless 'phones sync to your cell from 30 feet away and have a built-in heart-rate monitor, so you get key intel all in one spot.

Jabra Sport Pulse Wireless, $200,

12/13 ,
Not Going Anywhere!

Totally our jam for outdoor runs, these soft silicone buds (sized for women's small ears) "twist" into place but let in ambient sound (y'know, so you don't get slammed by an SUV).

Yurbuds Inspire 400 for Women, $50,

13/13 ,
Perfect for Runners

Designed specifically for athletes, these flexible wireless earhooks are sweat- and water-resistant so they'll hang on until you cross the finish line.

Powerbeats² Wireless, $200,

Check out some of our other 2015 Fitness Awards winners here, and pick up the May 2015 issue of Women's Health for the full list.

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