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The Best Cold-Weather Workout Gear

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A brisk winter workout can be just as gratifying as a sweaty summer one—as long as you have the right gear to keep you warm and comfy. Here, our fave jackets, tights, hats—and more!—made just for chilly weather.

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Asics Thermopolis ½ Zip

This may just be the perfect base layer. The material is soft, sweat-wicking, and doesn’t feel clingy. Thumbholes mean the sleeves stay put even if you wear multiple layers on top. And you can easily tuck your chin into the high collar for extra warmth or warm your hands in the kangaroo pocket.


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Brooks Adapt Reversible Skirt

This isn’t your typical running skirt. It’s a wind-resistant, heat trapping, thigh- and hammy- warming shield that you wear over your tights. No more raw, red legs that sting during your post-run shower! Genius.


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Adidas Techfit ClimaWarm+ Tights

The fabric of these tights is woven just tightly enough to block cold air while still allowing sweat to escape. Mesh vents behind the knees are a sign that these budget-friendly tights are on par with premium options.



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Sugoi Firewall 220 Tight

Most tights we’ve seen are made of one type of fabric. This pair boasts two different technologies—a wind-resistant, stretchy fabric on the front, and a warmer fabric on the back so you get protection and warmth. You can carry cash and keys in the back zip pocket and the reflective, 9-inch ankle zippers make stripping down a little easier.


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Roxy Frequency Jacket

Wear this jacket as a middle layer for a super chilly workout or on its own in milder temps. A large mesh panel on the back lets sweat escape as you heat up and the ruching make it super flattering, too!


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Moving Comfort Sprint Insulated Vest

Keeping your core warm is key to regulating your body temperature in cold conditions. This quilted vest does just that—without restricting your movement. The side panels are made of a lightweight material so you don’t feel like the Michelin Man.


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Oakley Crisp Run Glove

These fleece hand warmers have a long cuff that keeps your wrists and forearms warm—but you can also roll it down for extra hand warmth, as shown here. Touch tip technology in the thumb and pointer fingers means you don’t have to take them off to snap a mid-run pic.


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C9 by Champion Active Knit Hat

Don’t let your body heat escape through your head! This hat keeps you warm and the built-in ponytail port keeps your hair off your neck.


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Sweaty Betty Expedition Neck Gaitor

On super duper cold days, covering up your neck is must. If your shirt doesn't have a high collar, tack on this extra layer. Bonus: you can tuck your mouth and nose inside the soft, insulating fabric to help warm your breath and pull the drawstring cord to keep it in place.


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Smartwool PhD Run Ultra Light Micro Sock

Socks are tricky. You want something warm enough to keep out the chill, but not so warm that your sneakers turn into sweatboxes—which can lead to some serious blisters. The answer? These lightweight, merino wool socks with strategically placed mesh vent zones.


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