The Bachchans sneak away to a secret destination to celebrate Abhishek’s 42nd birthday

It's Abhishek Bachchan's 42nd birthday on February 5th and it has to be a grand celebration for the Bachchans as always. This year as well the Bachchans have chosen to celebrate Abhishek's birthday out of India and the family flew out of Mumbai last night.

Aaradhya, Abhishek and Aishwarya flew out of Mumbai last night to a secret destination to ring in Daddy dearest's birthday. While Aishwarya looked gorgeous in a little black dress, Aaradhya wore a comfy tracksuit and looked as cheerful as ever.

Bachchans fly out of Mumbai to ring in Abhishek's birthday


Reports say that the Bachchans are probably flying to either Australia or Austria to celebrate Abhishek's birthday.

While nothing is confirmed as yet, considering that Aishwarya wore knee-length black boots and carried a black coat with her, Austria could very well be there destination.

Six-year-old Aaradhya looked excited as she held her mother's hand. Aaradhya just celebrated her birthday two months back and Aishwarya turned 44 on November 1.

Aaradhya had a carnival themed birthday party this year that was attended by AbRam (Shah Rukh Khan's son) and Azad Rao Khan (Aamir Khan's son) respectively.

Dadu Amitabh had shared the pictures of the celebrations on social media. Last year as well the family had flown to the Maldives to celebrate Junior B's birthday.

However, this year it would just be the three of them as Amitabh Bachchan is recovering from a shoulder injury. Sister Shweta Nanda would also give Abhishek's birthday a miss this year.

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