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The 9 Best Things About Fall

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From the food to the fashion, fall’s got a whole lot to love. Basically, autumn brings it. Click through to check out nine of the most wonderful things about the season.

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You Can Eat Amazing Fall Foods

Autumn produces delicious produce. Hello: apples, beets, cranberries, and figs. And that’s just for starters: Check out the 18 best fall foods.

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It’s Pumpkin Party Time!

Of course, pumpkins deserve a category all to themselves because fall is the season for pumpkin-flavored everything. Just whip up these pumpkin recipes to get in on the action. 

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Fall TV Is Back

Seriously: What did we do for all those months with no Olivia Pope or hot TV men in our lives?

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Football Sundays Are in Full Swing

That means lots of fun, lots of friends, and lots of wings. Cheer on your favorite teams without feeling like crap on Monday morning with this guide to a happy, healthy tailgate.

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Your Hair Looks Pretty Fantastic

Gotta love fall’s low humidity. Take advantage by trying out some gorgeous romantic hairstyles that are perfect for the season. 

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Your Closet Looks Pretty Awesome, Too

This autumn’s trends are fun and fabulous: You can totally rock camo and leather. Need a new fall topper? Meet the moto jacket.

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It’s the Last Call for Outdoor Workouts…

Cool air and sunny days mark the last times this year you can probably head outside for a sweat sesh. Make the most of the great weather with these outdoor workouts.


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…But You Can Also Work Out at Home!

Or just sweat in your living room with one of these at-home workouts sans any guilt about staying home. After all, it’s a little nippy out there!

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It’s Officially Cuddle Weather

Another perfect-for-chilly-weather activity? Sex! So go roll around in some leaves, then shed your windbreaker and head to the bedroom. (And read up beforehand on eight ways to make sex more fun!)

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