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The 7 Best Cross-Training Sneakers

1/7 Thomas MacDonald
Cross-Trainers: Quick-Change Artist
Speed and agility training requires explosive movements. This baby fits like a glove and has a touch of cushioning, plus the sticky traction keeps you from slipping.



Under Armour Micro G Toxic Six, $100,


2/7 Thomas MacDonald
Bare (Yoga) Essentials
Commute to yoga or Pilates in this lightweight slip-on, or sport the barely-there neoprene wrap for extra traction and germ protection during your practice.


Nike Studio Wrap Pack, $110,


3/7 Thomas MacDonald
Easy Strider
Wearing this ultra-sleek sneak activates more of the muscles in the foot and leg, helping to boost strength and balance whether you're strength training or speed walking.


Ecco Biom Lite, $130,


4/7 Thomas MacDonald
Customizable Kick
This shoe features a removable sock liner that lowers the heel height, letting you decide whether you want more cushioning or a closer-to-the-ground feel.


Brooks PureDrift, $100,


5/7 Thomas MacDonald
Developed as a fitness multitasker, this sneaker is flexible and lightweight, yet supportive—an ideal mate for anything from dance class to boot camp.


Avia Avi-Finesse, $60,


6/7 Thomas MacDonald
Support Network
The plasticized "web cage" construction combines stability and cushioning with airy ventilation so you can go all out in kickboxing or kettlebell class.


Puma BioWeb Elite, $110,


7/7 New Balance
Show Stopper
This lightweight trainer gives you an edge at the gym—and style on the street.


5 Factor 997v2, $90,
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