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The 10 Best Bodies at the 2013 Grammy Awards

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In advance of the 2013 Grammy Awards, executives from CBS sent out a memo that essentially said: Cover up. No peek-a-boo side-boobs, butts, or crotches on display. The celebs who walked the red carpet managed to follow the rules (give or take—we're looking at you Katy Perry and Kelly Rowland). And even better: They didn't let a made-for-TV dress code impede on their fashion choices—or get in the way of showing off their killer bodies. Here, 10 of the most awe-inspiring figures to ever wear couture. (And for even more fit-spiration, be sure to check out the 15 Best Bodies of the Golden Globes).



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Taylor Swift
Taylor Swift wore a cream-colored flowy gown that gorgeously showcased her slender arms and svelte back. For a back like T-Swizzle's (as LL Cool J affectionately called her), try The Best Exercises for a Backless Dress.


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Rihanna looked practically goddess-like in a fire-engine-red gown that showed off her arms, shoulders, back, and whittled waist (and, with certain sheer areas, a bit more). For a red-hot middle as enviable as Ri-Ri's, follow these 5 Rules of Flat Abs.


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Kaley Cuoco
The beautiful Big Bang Theory star mixed it up a bit with a blazer and black leggings, rather than a more typical awards show-style gown. And it's easy to see why: Anything to show off those amazing legs of hers. For limber legs that look as if they go on forever, learn how to Build Power in Your Legs.


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Jennifer Lopez
Remember all the hubbub about Angelina Jolie's leg at last year's Academy Awards? Yeah, neither do we—not after we saw Jennifer Lopez rocking this cut-up-to-there black number. Jennifer certainly followed the letter of the CBS dress code law—no boobs, butt, or crotch on display here—but as for stems? Wow. The megawatt star showed off her strong, sexy, enviable leg all night long. For gams as gown-worthy as Jennifer's, try our workouts for long, lean legs.


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Nicole Kidman
This woman kills it at every single awards show, ever. She and hubby Keith Urban graced the red carpet last night, and she looked classic and effortless as ever. For arms as strong and toned as Nicole's, try the 15-Minute "Bye-Bye Arm Jiggle" Workout.


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Kelly Rowland
You've gotta give it to Kelly Rowland: The woman must have major body confidence to rock this Georges Chakra dress (that, and a lot of double-stick tape to keep everything in place and avoid any unfortunate wardrobe malfunctions). And who can blame her? She looked freaking amazing. For a core as tight as Kelly's, try our belly fat-melting workout—you'll see beautiful abs in just six weeks.


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Carrie Underwood
The country crooner donned a beautiful, form-fitting dress that flattered her figure in all the best ways. For a sculpted tush like Carrie's, try the Sculpt-a-Better-Butt workout.


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Kat Dennings
Hilarious and sardonic Kat Dennings of 2 Broke Girls showed off her megawatt curves with a short Vivienne Westwood number that highlighted her toned calves and slender ankles (if you could look past that un-freaking-believable décolletage!). Girl definitely knows how to flaunt her assets. As for you? Check out these Best Party Dresses For Your Body Type.


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When you think of high fashion, "pantsuit" isn't necessarily one of the first thoughts that come to mind. But Queen Bey showed everyone how a well-fitted pantsuit can be just as flattering and fashion-forward as any couture gown. Plus, what dress can show off curves as awe-inspiring as hers? Show off your own bootylicious curves: try this butt workout for a high, tight backside.


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Katy Perry
Well va va voom, Miss Perry. Nicely played. This cleavage-showcasing mint green gown puts her spectacular breasts on display, to be sure, but it's also all-over flattering, as well. To look this jaw-dropping in a dress, be sure to try out the best workouts for a total-body transformation.


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