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9 months ago
The 1 Thing I Tried as a Mom During Daylight Saving Time That Failed Miserably

While I realize that daylight saving time (DST) might have been necessary once upon a time, whoever invented it clearly didn't have to deal with keeping a baby or toddler on a sleep schedule. Just when I get my son all acclimated to a strict bed time, the clocks decide to shake everything up. Sure, eventually they get the hang of things, but let's be real, it's not without a trip on the struggle bus first.

It doesn't matter whether we're springing forward or falling back, my toddler will find a way to subsist on the tiniest amount of sleep possible. What is normally mommy's special evening time for a glass of wine and bad TV suddenly becomes a wave of toddler energy that swallows me whole because, according to my son, "If the sun is up, I can be up, too." Uh, no, kid, you can't.

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