Thanks, Super-Helpful Survey, for Telling Us How Many Sexual Partners We Should Have

We know you spend all of your free time sitting around, stressing about whether you’ve slept with the “right” number of people. Really, who doesn’t? Luckily, a new survey is filling us in on the magic number that makes us dateable.

The poll, which comes courtesy of (think: Ashley Madison for the U.K.), surveyed 1,000 people about what they think is the perfect number of sexual partners, Metro UK reports.

And the magic number seems to be...10. The majority of men and women both said they thought that getting busy with between eight to 12 people was ideal.

After that, people said sleeping with four to eight people was fine, followed by a less acceptable amount of less than four.

More “interesting” findings:

Men were less likely to say they’d be into a woman who had slept with 11 or more people (women don’t seem to care as much).

Only three percent of women and four percent of men say they’re into a partner who has slept with more than 20 people.

No one really wants to know their partner’s number—only 35 percent of women and 30 percent of men say they need those digits.

The bottom line: It's worth noting that other surveys from revealed that if your partner drinks red wine or wants designer clothes for Christmas, he's probably cheating on you. That's science hard at work. And given that this information comes courtesy of users of a website designed to set up extramarital affairs, we really value their opinions. 

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