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Shenaz Treasury started earning a living by the time she was 16, and unlike others who would spend it all on clothes and shoes, she spent it on travel. Last year, she started documenting her travels on social media. Today, she is popular as a travel vlogger. The actress and host talks about some of the places she recommends one should travel to this year...



When the morning rush of cyclists looks like a fashion show on wheels or modern lamps light up new Nordic cuisine tables, you know it’s a special place. Here, stylish men in designer suits jump into boats that take them to work. Christiania, a wonderland of colourful homes, graffiti pathways that feels like Amsterdam, Goa, Nepal and Osho Ashram all rolled into one. You can’t help but stare in awe at the exquisite design of world-famous Danish furniture and lamps. This is Stylish Scandic Copenhagen. I now understand why this city tops the world’s livability lists. Welcome to the globe’s greenest, cleanest and most sustainable urban cultures where 50 per cent of the population’s only mode of transportation is a bicycle and the rest jump into water taxis that take them to work.

I stepped onto my ‘Hey Captain’ boat wondering if I was going to survive a tour in the freezing weather. The captain offered me a glass of Glogg. ‘Hot wine?’ I make a face. ‘With almonds and raisins mixed in,’ he says. Two glasses down, my jacket is off and I am posing with the colourful buildings in the background, dancing on the boat to Lukas Graham’s, Once I was 7 years old and ducking under bridges. This city has taken away my fear of the cold, as locals say, ‘there is no bad weather, there is only bad clothing.’

The Maldives

(Kandolhu Island)

When you wake up to an ocean so green it puts your grandmother’s emerald ring to shame or where all you have to do is poke your head into the ocean and be surrounded by manta rays and turtles, then, you can say, ‘Hey, I woke up in the Maldives today’. I felt the same way on the Villingili Island. The Maldives is a nation made up of a stunning collection of thousands of islands known as atolls. Being presented with a certificate for crossing the equator on your way to Shangri-la resort, Villingili is a pleasant surprise. 

The other island, Kandolhu, had a completely different vibe; remote, quiet and secluded. The water villas here are equipped with the latest go-pros, underwater selfie sticks and an iPad that has its own Kandolhu Island playlist. The place is blessed with the richest dazzling coral. My hat fell into the water and I was swimming with three friendly sharks trying to retrieve it. If I ever had to be stranded for the rest of my life on a tiny, little, secluded island, it would be Kandolhu.



From a private island retreat to a cottage in the clouds, my Jamaican getaway was unforgettable. It may be a two-hour drive from Kingston Airport, but Geejam is well worth the wait. Nestled in the lush landscape of Port Antonio, the exclusive island is complete with private rooms, private beach and a full-fledged music studio for those who are so inclined. You feel special in every way at this resort, from the ‘leave you to explore’ style of service to the upscale laid-back ‘irie’ (nice, good, or pleasing) Jamaican style vibe. 

Located in Irish Town, just outside Jamaica’s capital city of Kingston, Strawberry Hill is a mountaintop oasis reminiscent of the hill stations I used to visit in Lonavala with my family as a child. The poolside view is stunning and the lazy days drift into sexy nights at this mountain village in the heart of Jamaica’s Blue Mountain, also famous for its world-renowned coffee. Jamaica is a special island because of its diverse people, culture and food. The locals say, ‘Out of many, one people’ and there is a rich sense of pride and tradition in all whom I encountered from the local shopkeeper to the restaurant owner, they all exude Jamaican pride. I can’t wait to return.

Santorini, Greece

 (Santorini, Greece)

Whitewashed buildings with stark blue highlights that cling to cliffs above an underwater crater. Striking panoramic views from every direction on an island in the Aegean Sea. Ancient volcanic beaches that spring from the sea. The most photographed romantic sunset in the world. Where else could I be, but at Santorini, Greece? It’s hard not to fall in love with this unique Greek Island the moment you arrive. Whether by plane or boat, once you set foot on Santorini’s shores, you are forever changed by the sights, sounds and savoury flavours of this Mediterranean gem. Fira, the island’s busy capital, offers amazing views in all directions on foot and particularly toward the north in Firostefani and Imerovigli. Once the sun sets, the island takes on an even more romantic tone. I recommend you try dinner at Red Bicycle, a quiet, cosy, and casual cliff-side Mediterranean restaurant in Oia that serves the best mezzes I’ve ever tasted. It does help to have a car to see it all. If you’re lucky you’ll book Vasilli, who came to visit Greece several years ago and never left. He knows all the special places and will help you find them.

—As told to Deepali Singh

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