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The traffic conditions in our country can scare even an adult like me witless. Given the sheer volume of people on our roads, following proper traffic rules is key to the safety of others on the road. Whether it be pedestrians and motorists, traffic rules apply to all and road safety is a topic everyone should be educated about.

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When my kids started walking and I would take them around the colony for a stroll, I started educating them on the rights and wrongs of crossing the road. If things are taught to them when they’re still young, then those are the rules they know and those are the rules they will carry with them always. Teach your child the importance of road safety and that traffic rules need to be adhered to.

We at KSP are committed to creating awareness on the issue and good riding and road habits amongst families. We recently paired up with Shiva – Nickelodeons favourite Indian character to teach children about traffic rules. Watch the video and Shiva as they tell kids what are the traffic rules and how it’s so important to follow them and avoid accidents.

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