Suck at Eyeliner? This Is the 1 You Need to Try

There are a few constant beauty truths in life: humidity always means a bad hair day, your favorite lipstick will one day be discontinued, and you will always mess up applying liquid eyeliner on your first attempt. But what if one of those truths has changed? What if there was a liquid eyeliner that changed the game?

Lancôme's Grandiôse Bendable Liquid Eyeliner ($32) is a work of genius. Before this product came into my life, applying eyeliner was a source of anxiety. I have never been able to apply my own eyeliner without mistake, usually making one side much thicker than the other. But the Grandiôse Liner is so perfect even I can't botch the application.

With an ultra-thin felt brush, the liner brings you right to your lash line. Its wide handle helps sturdy the hand when holding it, so it's always applied evenly and flawlessly, and the eyeliner wand bends - yes, it bends - to a 35-degree angle, allowing for a perfect and precise line along the lashes.

Whether you're looking for that effortless look to subtly enhance your eyes or you're going for a dramatic cat-eye, this liner does the trick - with no stress or hassle. The makeup itself is quick-drying and smudge-proof, leaving no need to reapply. Take a look at the eyeliner in action!

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