Study Reveals Exactly How Obsessed Men Are With Comparing Penis Sizes

In today's edition of surprising dude news: Men check out each other's penises in the locker room, according to a peer-reviewed study published in the book Jockocracy: Queering Masculinity and Sport last year.

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For this small study, Christopher Morriss-Roberts, Ph.D. conducted one-hour interviews with eight male athletes from around London—four heterosexual and four homosexual men—to see if penis size affects male behavior in a locker room. (Yes, people really research this sort of thing.) And it turns out, they totally look: All of the participants checked each other out below the belt when they hit the locker room. 

Morriss-Roberts explains that this gazing wasn't out of sexual attraction, but it was actually a way to size up the other players (both in terms of actual size and in terms of masculinity/athletic ability). Most of the guys said they actually talked about their penises in the locker room, noting sizes and even creating nicknames for each other's junk. And interestingly, men with the biggest packages were idolized by the others and seen as more masculine. Apparently, penises were a conversation starter and a topic they could bond over. (Seriously.) 

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Obviously, given the tiny sample size, it's unfair to say that all men do this. Still, it's an interesting sneak peak at how guys interact with each other. Plus, who knew there was so much penis talk happening in the locker room?! 

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