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11 months ago
Still single and don't know what to do this Valentine's Day? THIS Gurgaon man's offering himself as 'boyfriend on rent' | Latest News & Updates at Daily News & Analysis

It's the season of love and Valentine's Day is just around the corner. While love is already in the air, social media and mailboxes of many are already flooded with flowers, teddy, cards or other small tokens of love. 

But hold on! All that happens with people (read couples) who're hopelessly in love. What about those who're still single and don't know what to do this Valentine's Day? While some may be single by choice and they may be loving their single status, there are many who do begin to feel a little lonely around Valentine's Day, especially after watching all the couples indulging in PDA. 

In case, you're one of them and wondering what to do on this Valentine's Day or if you don't want to get involved into the complexities of a relationship and just want to spend some good time, here's what to you can do. 

A 26-year-old Gurgaon based entrepreneur, Shakul Gupta has come up with a few special packages for this Valentine's Day, where he offers himself as 'boyfriend on rent'. His packages include deals which range from including, "holding hands" to doing "anything you want". 

Ladies, if you want him to double up as a makeup practice model, he'll be up for it or in case you just want to Netflix and chill, he can make you any kind of food as well. While it may appear enticing to some, there's a catch as well. He makes it clear in his post that he cannot "defend you from cockroaches, fashion talk, eat seafood, and beauty talk."

Check it out here:

So what are you doing this Valentine's Day?

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