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11 months ago
Start your 2018 mornings the right way with these diet tips

Most of us are simply unable to start our day without a cup of chai or coffee in the morning. In fact, many of us have tea or coffee the first thing in the morning on an empty stomach. It’s not a good idea to have tea or coffee on an empty stomach because it leads to a number of health problems including an increase in acid levels and toxin levels, disruption of the metabolic activity, improper iron absorption and damage to oral health. This New Year, let’s resolve to ditch our habit of starting the day with tea or coffee and have these foods instead as recommended by celeb nutritionist Rujuta Diwekar.

According to Rujuta Diwekar, you must start your day with a banana or any fresh fruit OR soaked almonds OR soaked raisins and NOT with tea or coffee.

1) Banana – For all those who have digestion issues or get sugar cravings post a meal, you must start your day with a banana. Buy fresh, local variety 2-3 times a week. Bananas have many health benefits.

2) Raisins- Soak 7-8 raisins with 1-2 strands of kesar and eat these in the morning every day. This is especially useful for someone with terrible PMS or for someone with low energy through the day. Raisins are great for your health.

3) Almonds- Eat 4-6 soaked & peeled badam if you have insulin resistance, diabetes, PCOD or low fertility or poor sleep quality. Pick the mamra or the local variety of badam as it’s richer in nutrients. For PCOD, switch to 7-8 raisins and 1-2 strands of kesar 10 days before periods. Here are some health benefits of almonds.

-Its ok to have chai or coffee 10-15 minutes post the first meal
-You must have a glass of plain water and then have your first meal
-You should eat either of these foods within 20 minutes of waking up or post the thyroid pill if you are on one.

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