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Splurge vs. Save: Best Kitchen Gear

1/9 Levi Brown
Storage Containers
Forget plastic tubs that can leak, stain, and release harmful chemicals into food. Sturdy glass dishes with airtight lids will keep leftovers from spoiling, says Perello.

TrueSeal storage set, $27,

2/9 Levi Brown
Digital Kitchen Scale
Pros like Aram Mardigian, executive chef of Wolfgang Puck American Grille at Atlantic City's Borgata Hotel Casino & Spa, swear by it for measuring ingredients accurately. Tanita Compact Digital Lithium Kitchen Scale KD-400,


3/9 Levi Brown
Olive Oil
"Good extra-virgin olive oil adds a rich yet light flavor that enhances any dish," says Food Network star Tyler Florence, author of the forthcoming book Start Fresh.

Pasolivo California Blend extra-virgin olive oil, $25 for 375 ml

4/9 Levi Brown
Quality Spices
Saffron (shown), vanilla bean, and fennel pollen are pricey for a reason—all can elevate any dish. Melissa Perello, chef and owner of Frances in San Francisco, uses fennel pollen for everything from seasoning soup to garnishing sorbet.

5/9 Levi Brown
Chef's Knife
The versatile, slightly curved blade allows you to slice and dice quickly, says chef Matthew Accarrino of SPQR restaurant in San Francisco.

Misono 440 Molybdenum seven-inch right-handed chef's knife, $158,

6/9 Levi Brown
A durable plastic one can slice potatoes for gratin or cabbage for slaw just as well as a pricey stainless-steel version, says Heidi Krahling, owner and chef at Insalata's restaurant in California.

Chef'n SleekSlice, $20,

7/9 Levi Brown
A basic style like the "waiter's friend" will totally do the job, says Jonathon Alsop, author of Wine Lover's Devotional.

Eros corkscrew, $10,

8/9 Levi Brown
"Braised or simmered in a stew, 'second cuts' such as chicken legs, pork or lamb shoulder, or beef cheeks or shanks can be as delicious as costlier cuts," says Suzanne Goin, co-owner of three restaurants in Los Angeles.

9/9 Levi Brown
Nonstick Pan
It's the workhorse of any kitchen, and even expensive ones wear out, so you shouldn't pay top dollar, says Anita Lo, chef and owner of Annisa restaurant in New York City.

Lodge Logic square grill pan, $31,

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