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10 months ago
So, Uh, There Are 3 Very Prominent Penises on Display in the Olympic Village

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OK, to be fair, BuzzFeed reports the penises and their owners were there before the resort was, but still: there is a trio of statues near the Alpensia Ski Jump Center in PyeongChang's Olympic Media Village that are going very viral right now because they have penises and distinctly phallic helmets.

Getty Images

These are the "Bullet Men," according to Yahoo! Sports. They are statues erected (hahHehheheheHHEheHEh lololol) in 2009 by artist Kim Ji-Hyun which represent the “human desire for [a] wonderful body, wealth, and honor in concrete images.”

This "wonderful body" also includes butts, BTW.

Getty Images

Anyway, the statues have prompted a million memes, particularly in Japan:

And now, back to our regularly scheduled program of other Olympian peens.

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