Signs Of Ageing

Today we’ve zeroed in on certain signs of skin ageing that you must never overlook, as early treatment can minimize their appearance and make sure that your skin ages gracefully.

Here Listing out some signs of ageing:

1. Dryness

One of the first visible signs of skin ageing is dryness. This is something that women above the age of 25 start to experience.

2. Dullness

Dullness is another common sign of ageing that you must never overlook. As we age, our skin tends to lose its natural shine and youthfulness.

3. Crow’s Feet The wrinkle that appears at the outer corner of a person’s eye is popularly known as crow’s feet. This is another common sign of ageing that you should always watch out for.

4. Fine Lines

Fine lines usually start to develop after the age of 30. With age, there is a collagen and elastin breakdown in the skin that causes fine lines on the facial skin to appear.

5. Wrinkles

Wrinkles are creases or folds in the skin that get formed as a person gets older. A majority of women start getting wrinkles on their skin from the age of 25.

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