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Should you get Pond’s Anti-Pollution and Purity face wash (product review)?

With dangerously high levels of smog and pollutants all around us, it is no wonder that anti-pollution has become one of the latest buzzwords in beauty. From cleansers to shampoo-conditioners and makeup to massages, anti-pollution beauty products and services are now aiming to clean out toxic polluting elements from our skin, give protection against free radicals, reverse damage and help in skin rejuvenation. Living in a city like Mumbai takes a toll on your skin, hair and overall health, no doubt. This is the reason I decided to try the Pond’s Anti Pollution and Purity face wash. You must follow these skin care tips for those affected by smog and air pollution.

What Pond’s Anti-Pollution and Purity face wash promises
The pack says it has activated carbon which is ‘known to act like a magnet to suck out pollution, dirt and dust’ to ‘reveal natural radiance.’ The face wash claims it reaches deep into your pores to remove ‘black impurities and pollution, dirt and dust particles that ultimately results in clear and fairer-looking skin.

My experience with Pond’s Anti-Pollution and Purity face wash
The face wash does a good job of giving you that clean feeling. But I also think that it dries out the skin. This would be a good face wash for those who struggle with oily skin. It keeps your skin taut and oil-less for a several hours after you wash your face. There is absolutely no moisturisation — at least I didn’t feel it. In terms of revealing ‘natural radiance’, I did not see any noticeable change in my skin texture. I think a good mosituriser after using this face wash is a must for all skin types. try these moisturisers for dry, oily and normal skin. You need only a little quantity. It lathers up a lot. For dry skin, you could try using Himalaya Kesar Fairness face wash.

Cleans thoroughly
Pleasant smell
You require a very little quantity

Too drying, may not be suitable for dry skin
Does little to provide any other benefit apart from cleaning

Price: Rs 200 for 100 g

Have you tried The Body Shop Vitamin E nourishing night cream?

Image source: Facebook/PondsIndia

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