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Should you apply your eyeliner as kajal on your waterline?

Many times in a hurry or when we run out of kajal we tend to apply our eyeliner as kajal. This might seem an easy way of using your products efficiently but is it safe for your eyes? The eyeliner is applied to the top of your eyelid and kajal, on the other hand, is applied to your waterline- does it makes sense to switch their uses? Eyeliners and kajals are made in different ways to suffice different needs. Therefore applying eyeliner on the waterline may not be a good idea.

Types of eyeliners
There are different types of eyeliners available in the market today. Liquid, gel, sketch, brush and the list doesn’t end. If you want to use your eyeliner as Kajal you must figure out what type of eyeliner you are going to use. Liquid eyeliner is a big no-no because you can create a mess and you can have the liquid liner get into your eye. Pencil eyeliner, however, has a quite similar texture as your kohl so probably that would be a better bet. Similarly, amongst the most common types, you can use the sketch and gel eyeliner as they have drier texture than the liquid one. Refrain yourself from using glitter eyeliners as kajal as the glitter particles may cause irritation if it enters your eyes.

Precautions to take

First of all, avoid using eyeliners as kajal but if you really want to use, you may want to take a few precautions so that you avoid having the eyeliner inside your eyes.
1. Completely avoid liquid eyeliner.
2. Do not apply on the waterline. Instead, apply it right below the waterline, where your lower eyelash is. Fill in your lower lash and that way you’ll not mess with it and it will also make your lashes look thicker.
3. Use the right kind of angled brush if you are opting for gel liner as kajal.
4. If using sketch liner, use it below your lower lashline only towards the edge and cover your waterline with white kohl to make your eyes appear bigger and also avoid your eyeliner getting inside your eyes.

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