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7 months ago
Ship Searching for Still-Missing Flight MH370 Disappears

Nearly four years after flight MH370’s abrupt disappearance, there are still minimal clues as to what happened to the aircraft and all its passengers. In an unsettling development, The Guardian reports a ship searching for the plane also disappeared (though it reappeared on Australian radar three full days later).

The Seabed Constructor reportedly turned off is Automatic Identification System on Thursday for no apparent reason. When the system was rebooted after almost 80 hours, the ship was on its way to a scheduled fueling stop in Australia.

Neither the Malaysian government nor the ship’s contractor (the U.S.-based Ocean Infinity) has yet addressed the reason for the blackout, so whether this was a deliberate dismantling or not remains unclear. The ship's location during its time offline hasn’t been addressed either.

According to, the ship only began its mission on January 10, and is contracted to search for MH370 for 90 days.

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