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9 months ago
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It’s difficult to miss the twinkling lights of Moonshine Cafe and Bar, which is located bang opposite City Mall on Link Road, in Andheri. Spread over two levels, the second being a beautiful rooftop terrace with lots of greenery and wooden décor, the lounge bar is a lavish space. A 15-feet-long bar in one corner and a DJ console at the far end, lend the venue a classy look. 

While the place had us at hello, it was the food we had to try and see if it had been worth getting stuck in the Andheri traffic. We were happy to find, Moonshine, with a few minor glitches, did well at that end as well. 

The first to arrive on our table was the Duet of Watermelon, balsamic and rocket (Rs 350), the likes of which we have tasted at many places, and with far greater satisfaction. While the flavours were all there, what it needed was a bit more dressing to make it moist. 

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It was the Sago Popcorn (Rs 290) that more than made up for it with its generous portion and six different kinds of dips to go with it. Not only was it a colourful treat for the eyes, the mildly spicy sago balls tasted different each time we dunked them into the different dips. Value for money right away! 

The other winner on the table that night was the Water Chestnut and Cream Cheese buns (Rs 420), with their creamy filling of waterchestnut, truffles, and chilli oil. After a few bites, we tasted them without the chilli dip and found them just as flavourful. 

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For the mains, we decided to go Indian, although they do have a good range of flatbreads, pastas, and more. A big fan of seekh kebabs, we couldn’t resist ordering the Old Delhi Mutton seekh with Nizzamudin Paratha (Rs 720) with a side of CR Park’s Special Fish Tikka (Rs 440). While the mutton seekhs were succulent and juicy, the parathas could have been a tad more soft. We cannot say the same for the fish tikkas, made with kasundi and served in a cutting glass holder, giving it the bambaiya touch. The rawas was fresh, falling apart on touch and the Bengali-style preparation was an absolute delight.

There was no place for dessert in our tummies after this hearty meal, but we see ourselves braving the Andheri traffic just for those beautiful steamed buns and fish tikka! 

At: Moonshine Cafe and Bar, opposite City Mall, New Link Road, Andheri (W) 

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