Sharpen Your Pencils: Penis Coloring Books Are Here

First, there was "Dick In a Box." Now, there's dick in a book—actually, multiple dicks in multiple books.

Yep, two smarty-pants architects, Jen and Mira, created the NSFW Pen15 Club adult coloring book filled with pages of Ps (and a few hidden Vs) ready to be filled with whatever hues get you off.

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"Pen15 Club" is a nod to the common middle-school prank where a kid asks a classmate if he or she wants to be a member of said club. If the classmate says yes, the prankster writes "Pen15 Club" on the sucker's arm, creating an unwelcome "penis" tattoo. Good times!

penis coloring book
Facebook/ Pen15 Club

The inspiration for Jen and Mira's comical coloring book? For one, they noticed that, "approximately 90 percent of buildings—and a lot of everyday objects—look like dicks, and that is hilarious." (Agreed.) Plus, they were disappointed with the other adult-adult options on the market. "What the world really needs is a beautifully-crafted piece of literary art that is also full of dicks," they write on their page.

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All the cool adults are using coloring books these days, since studies and experts suggest that the practice may foster mindfulness and reduce stress. And if coloring a mandala is fun and meditative, we can only assume that coloring a MAN-dala increases the payoff (by maybe seven or eight inches?). 

penis coloring book
Facebook/ Pen15 Club

Jen and Mira launched an IndieGogo campaign to fund the creation of the book, with a goal of raising $7,750 to cover printing and supplies. For $25, you get the book, two beer koozies, a surprise bonus gift, and a downloadable print-out of "Trump-ed Up Dick," featuring "smaller-than-average-hands." *heh*

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They've raised more than $2,000 so far, and if you're a bachelorette-party planner or a general phallic fan—or you simply want to help these ladies reach their biggest (hardest) dreams—you should order one, too.

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