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10 months ago
Shahid Kapoor’s royal avatar | Latest News & Updates at Daily News & Analysis

He played the suave Aditya Kashyap in Jab We Met, essayed a rockstar in Udta Punjab, went bald in Haider, and gave us a double surprise in Kaminey. As Padmaavat’s release comes close, one can’t help but focus on Shahid Kapoor’s game-changing physical transformation in Sanjay Leela Bhansali’s period drama. He got a beefed-up, muscled-up warrior physique to nail the formidable and fearless Rajput Maharaja. 

The actor, who’s always been on a leaner side, went through rigorous physical training to add gravitas to his powerful rendition of a royal. According to reports, besides working out for two hours every day, the hottie followed a strict diet for 40 days, which included eating 50 gms of brown rice and steamed vegetables in the entire day. Misha’s dad also went off salt and sugar completely for 15 days, during which time some of his close-up shots were being filmed.

According to a source, Shahid wasn’t even supposed to be bare-chested in the film. But when director Bhansali saw how much work the actor had put into his fitness, he decided to change that. Talking about his fitness journey, Shahid’s trainer Samir Jaura had shared in an interview, “It took him about four months to get into the shape he wanted to be in. He was extremely focused, determined and totally fuss-free. I understood his body type and what he wanted after I had a couple of meetings with him. Shahid plays a king, so he had to look big and fuller. He doesn’t need to be huge in terms of body-type, but he had to behave in a kingly manner. Shahid looks mind-blowing as the Maharaja and his costumes are extremely elegant.” After Hrs gets a few style arbiters to share their take on the Kapoor boy’s epochal journey... 


He’s nailed the Rajput warrior role to the T and in the promos, he comes across as someone who’s sensible, grown-up and grounded. 

Designer Payal Singhal observes that he has evolved as an actor over the years. “His transformation from a good-looking boy-next-door to portraying such meaningful roles is rather commendable. That’s the impression I draw from the film’s trailer and he is definitely a force to reckon with. As opposed to so many actors who tend to look costumey with period looks and sometimes their personality doesn’t complement the character, Shahid looks effortlessly believable as the Maharaja.”  


Shahid has come a long way from being a chocolate boy in Ishq Vishq to emitting a grunge undercurrent in Kaminey to essaying a rockstar in Udta Punjab. He meticulously works on bringing these characters alive on screen and experimented with his looks. 

Designer Aniket Satam says, “With Shahid, it’s not about costumes, hair-dos but he also worked on his physique to slip into the character. With Padmaavat, he has done this magic again of miraculously transforming into this regal Maharaja with a warrior-like body. From his body gestures to gorilla warfare training — he has really worked hard on bringing his character alive.” 

Designer Nikhil Thampi seconds that. “It’s too early to judge but whatever little we’ve seen of him in the promo, he has done a great job. He has stayed true to that persona. Be it his clothes or jewellery — the overall impact is strong. Also, we’ve never seen him as a royal before. Face-wise too, he’s got the authentic Rajput vibe right with the facial hair. If one compares him to the historical portraits, he’s done a good job with his expressions.” 

Shahid in a still from Padmaavat

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