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11 months ago
Sex positions that simply have got to go

It’s great that you want to be adventurous when it comes to sex and we fully support you in your endeavour. You might, however, want to stay away from these five sex positions because no matter how hard you try to make them work, they will disappoint you in the end.

Up against the wall
If this sex position has ever worked for you, then good for you. It can be quite exciting to just go at it against the wall like a couple of horny teenagers. But when you aren’t able to wrap your leg around the guy’s waist so he can prop you up and enter you, boy can it get awkward.

The 69
What exactly are you supposed to concentrate on? Your pleasure or his? 69 really does make it difficult to focus and we won’t blame you if you fumble or get confused. This position, we think, doesn’t deserve another chance.

Reverse cowgirl
Cowgirl is good, but if you have to face the wall and stare at it for the longest time, well, it can get pretty boring. This is exactly what happens in reverse cowgirl, where your partner gets the best view of your smooth back and nice derrière, and you’re just bouncing there feeling left out.

Spooning sex
We’re all for spooning, but only if it means we’re cuddling and lazing around. When it comes to sex while spooning, it’s quite uncomfortable to stick your leg up in a bizarre angle while your partner tries to find a way in.

The picker upper
Sex cannot get more awkward than this. Have you ever been picked up, wrapped your legs around the guy’s waist, held on to his neck for dear life and got bounced around? If you have, then you know that this sex position is the absolute worst.

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