Sex is cool, but can you think of anything better? Twitter is having fun with o...

Twitter is going ballistic with a new meme craze of ending a sentence starting with ‘Sex is cool but…’ All you have to do is complete the sentence with what you rate as better than sex and post it on your timeline.

The concept of the meme is to give an example of something which is better than having sex, but the reason it went viral is due to the creative thinking of the twitter folk. When you go through the various tweets, some are really funny, others have meaning and some are just ridiculous!

First up are the ones that will resonate with you:

Then we have the ones that shall get you actually thinking:

And finally, the one’s which will make you go, “You too?!”

The trend isn’t really new -- it started way back in 2015, when humour account Pakalu Papito tweeted, “sex is cool but have u ever had garlic bread.” It reared it’s head once again in November this year when users started tweeting with the sentence.

So, what better than sex according to you? Tell us in the comment section below!

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