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Safe sex: Remember these 4 tips to ensure you have a great time between the she...

Sex can be great fun, but there are certain things which we start to take for granted after some time. These are general practices that should be done before getting intimate with your partner, and why? Because at the end of the day it is going to make the experience better for you.

We’re not saying that doing these things will lead to perfect sex, but it certainly would reduce your chances of messing up.

Here is a list of things to keep in mind before having sex with that special someone:

1. Protection

Unless you’re planning to have babies and hence don’t want to use protection, make sure you keep condoms where they are easily accessible and don’t have to go hunting for them during the act. It really kills all the effort you’ve put into foreplay when you have to stop mid-act and start rummaging through your room.

Unfortunately, as far as statistics go, condom use is pretty low in India. A study from the National Center for Health Statistics (2017) said that only 24% of women and 34% of men used protection the last time they had sex. The poll was conducted on more than 20,000 individuals between the age group of 15-44.

Surprisingly, that’s actually an increase for men, since in 2002 only 29.5% had said that they used condoms.

2. Breath analyser

It doesn’t matter for how long you’ve been in a relationship, bad breath can turn anyone off and is a definite no. All you need to do is keep some mouth fresheners handy or just brushing your teeth quickly can help you avoid trouble during the act.

“Personal grooming also gives your partner a visual treat. Cleaning up, applying deodorant all add to enriching the sensual experience and also add to the foreplay. And foreplay to sex is like warm up to exercise, easy to omit, but crucial for good results,” says Dr. Dr Prakash Kothari, Head of the Department of Sexual Medicine at King Edward Memorial Hospital, Mumbai.

3. Be clean down under

This is one aspect that people really need to pay more attention to. Of course, it’s really easy to get lost in the moment but unclean genitals can seriously put your partner off just when you were going to get lucky.

Also, if you have a genital infection, you could pass it on to your partner or for that matter not be able to indulge in sex at all due to the discomfort it would cause!

A study conducted in 2011 found that there is a higher incidence of genital infection in people who did not have proper genital hygiene practices.

The study was conducted with 1057 female students from Sakarya State Student Dormitory, (Sakarya, Turkey) it was found that those who did not use proper genital cleansing methods were more susceptible to UTIs. So make sure you spruce up your personal hygiene!

4. Clean bowels

No matter how turned on you are, you’re going to be feeling pretty uncomfortable if you feel like urinating during the act, so it’s always a better idea to make sure you have clean bowels before it!

And in the end, Dr. Kothari is quick to add with a laugh, “Make sure you devote more time to the foreplay, because there is always more pleasure in travelling than in arriving at the destination.”

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