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11 months ago
Rujuta Diwekar: Top 4 reasons to bring pulses back to your plate

As Indians, we have all grown up eating dal with almost every meal in some or the other form–either as tadka (tempering) in dals or sabzis or as a filling. In India, we have a variety of dals that we cook in different ways and incorporate in our food. The best part about the way we Indians eat our pulses is that our traditional Indian recipes ensure there is a proper dose of carbs, proteins and other nutrients in every morsel you eat. However, many people are experimenting with diets like keto and completely cutting off carbohydrates from their plate. Celebrity nutritionist Rujuta Diwekar tells you why you should bring back the pulses on your plate.

1.Pulses are nutrient rich – When we mix pulses and cereals in the right proportion, the plant protein becomes easy to absorb and has a higher bioavailability of nutrients. Whether it’s regular the regular dal chawal, khichdi, idli or delicacies like puran poli, and dal kachori, mixing pulses and cereals can be extremely healthy. You should eat pulses with cereals for more protein. 

2. Pulses have major health benefits – Pulses are an important source of minerals and help lower blood sugars. They also help prevent adult acne, the type that shows up on the chin and upper forehead. They are also an ancient Ayurvedic secret to prevent kidney stones and gallstones.

3. Pulses replenish the soil – By fixing nitrogen back, they nourish and enrich the soil they grow in and in turn sustain the entire ecosystem of the region – flowers, fruits, and bees. This also ensures chemical fertilisers are not needed for the produce.

4. Pulses are cool – If you like hash tagging what you eat, pulses qualify as all the latest trends be it vegan, dairy-free or gluten-free. Every vegetarian should eat these five pulses to get the daily dose of protein. 

India had more than 65000 varieties of pulses, we barely eat 6 now. If you can bring back at least 12-15 pulses in your life, it will not only increase the diversity and strength of your gut bacteria, but also support local farmers and improve global ecology. Its a win-win.

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