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11 months ago
Ready for a 24 carat sweet indulgence? | Latest News & Updates at Daily News & Analysis

With the year 2017 behind us, it’s also time to bid adieu to rainbow/unicorn food and welcome the golden hue that’s set to cast its glittery shadow on your plate. In fact, Forbes has predicted that the metallic colour is going to make its presence felt on the culinary scene in 2018.

‘Eating healthy and wealthy is in’

According to Clint Jaeger, executive chef of Sydney-based cafe and restaurant, Seventeen, we are all set to eat healthy and wealthy this year. For those wondering why. It’s a trickle down effect from last year, says Harish Devadkar, sous chef, of the recently-opened eatery, To Know Where. He adds, “Edible gold as a trend started last year and emphasises that decadent will be the buzzword in 2018.” While Sandeep Rane, corporate chef, Henpecked at Kalaghoda, believes that we are simply revisiting an age-old practice. He says, “Edible gold and its substitutes give desserts a golden touch that not only makes for a pretty picture but also makes it hard to resist. It adds an allure that’s irresistible.”

More surprises in store...

There are definitely more healthy surprises in store in the days to come, according to chef Harish, who adds, “Expect not only truffles and edible gold but rare and healthy ingredients like sea buckthorn, rhododendron, single origin honey, sea vegetables to be glorified in the coming year.”  A desire for opulence and glamour is working for this metallic hue, says Thea Tammeleht, owner of Nordic Kandie, who uses edible gold to coat her marzipan. She adds, “Edible gold adds to the  glamour quotient. Long thought of as an elixir of life by royals in Europe, Asia and around the world, our marzipan is covered in edible gold from Florence, made by gilders to European royalty since 1600.” While Farrokh Khambata,  restaurateur and chef, attributes this trend to the visual experience that’s gaining a lot of importance and traction on social media. He says, “At Izaya, we believe that you eat with your eyes. The trend of edible gold is all about the opulence, flair and giving food that regal touch. Our 54 per cent chocolate mud pie is all about the riches of Belgium chocolate that combines the essence of comfort food but is elevated by the edible gold which coats the chocolate discs that is placed on top of the warm mud pie giving it that sheen and glamour.”

Not just desserts!

And it’s not just desserts that are getting the Midas touch. The golden hue is also being bottled for a celebratory toast. Vivek Chandramohan, COO, Grover Zampa Vineyards, shares why. He says, “Indians are the biggest consumer of gold in the world and there is a precedent of gold and silver being used to decorate Indian food products for many years —  e.g. gold-plated sweets. It was only a matter of time until we started embracing edible gold as a luxury accompaniment to premium beverage products. That’s why we introduced Auriga, India’s first sparkling wine with edible 24 carat gold flakes during the festive season. The intention was to provide the perfect drink to mark ceremonial and celebratory moments.”

So, make hay while edible gold shines. Enjoy a dusting of gold flakes or a coating of gold leaf in your desserts. Let decadence and opulence be your buzzwords for 2018, as you raise a toast to eating healthy and wealthy in the days to come.

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